Hey babe, are you back already? Why aren’t you snoozing off your jetlag?’

‘I’m not too bad, actually. I reckon I’ve got till mid afternoon before I’ll need starch for my eyelids. Thanks for looking after stuff for me: the plants all seem to be clinging onto life and the pile of mail looks utterly frightening.’

‘Yeah. You sure have a large fan club. You’ll see I left you some spag bol in the fridge and there’s also a new carton of soy.’

‘Aww, Stace. You’re the bestest.’

‘Although beef may be a shock to your system after eating Indian for two months. I still can’t believe you didn’t get sick.’

‘Yarr. So much for the auto diet I was expecting. I should complain and get a refund. I’ve put on another five kilos, I reckon.’

‘You’ve got a lot of bones to cover there, Missy, I’m sure it will be unnoticeable.’

‘But I notice. Particularly when zipping up my jeans causes major organ displacement. I’ll be heading to the pool as soon as I’ve unpacked and stuck a load of washing on.’

‘Okay. Drop me a line on Hangout when you’re ready for action. I could do with some power walking around the park when you’re up for it, and we can catch up on some chin-wagging at the same time.’

‘You are the queen of multi-tasking.’