Imagination is the true fire, stolen from heaven, to animate the cold creature of clay

—Mary Wollstonecraft

Here you will find a few shorter form stories that I've had published now and then.


This story was first published in September 2021 in Flash Fiction North


I stopped at the chemist to buy some mints, hoping they might mask the twin evils of beer and onion. I was in enough trouble as it was. I stood at the lights waiting for the green man when I heard someone yelling. I looked in the direction of the noise and saw a girl in a red dress tearing down the library steps. No one seemed to be chasing her, but then she raised her arms spastically...

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This story was first published in August 2021 in Writing in a Woman's Voice




I think of planning to get up off the floor. Or am I planning to think of it? I imagine each step in minute detail. Slightly shifting my weight onto my left hip, starting to move my hand to the right, but I do nothing. A moment later the messages are becoming more insistent. You must move. Get up.

            Mum always used to say I could never make a decision. But I proved...

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This story was first published in the 2013 UTS Anthology The Eveninglands



Alone, parked on the shoulder of the road in the middle of nowhere. I stare with blank eyes out the car window as I work mechanically through the doorstops of ham and mustard Peter made me before daybreak. Neither of us could sleep after the shrill ring pierced the night. The call is now on a tape loop in my mind, its alarm still jangling my nerves.
     I had not heard that...

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