As a director of efolio, Alicia has consulted for 20 years in a variety of professional capacities to NSW State Government departments, agencies and not-for-profits.
She is available for:

- teaching and/or designing short or longer courses on writing (see below for examples designed and run for WEA Sydney)
- working with individuals on developing their writing skills
- speaking engagements (topics such as my book and related issues; writing; the creative process, and inspiration and motivation in general)
- interviews, podcasts, festivals and panel discussions on her book or related topics

Alicia's writing and teaching-related qualifications:

Bachelor of Business, University of Technology, Sydney
Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment
Diploma in Editing, Macleay College 
Masters in Creative Writing, UTS, Sydney
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Finding the Plot 

Books are made, not like children, but like pyramids, with a well thought-out plan — Gustave Flaubert

Got an idea for a novel but don't know where to start? Or perhaps you've started work only to find you now have an amorphous lump of prose or the momentum has stalled. Develop structure and find the dramatic energy in your story. Analyse the key elements of for successful plotting and acquire tools to help you structure your work with the goal of maximising the emotional impact of your stories.

Recent feedback for Finding the Plot:

Travel Writing & Photography

One goes, not so much to see but to tell afterwards  —John Steinbeck

Writing and photography not only preserve our memories and experiences, they also allow us to share the thrill and experience of travel with others. Learn the key elements of what makes engaging travel writing, drawing upon different styles and publications for examples. Perhaps you’d like to blog about your adventures – how is it different? How do you set one up? Complementing the writing will be an analysis of what makes a good travel photograph and a set of golden rules that will ensure a noticeable improvement in the quality of your photos.