Alicia teaches courses of her own design for corporate clients and institutions such as WEA Sydney. Courses can be run or developed on request. Current subject area examples include:

- Travel Writing and Photography
- Novel Writing
- Writing Exercises to Get the Beginner Started and Inspired

Alicia can also work with you to develop and customise courses to suit your own inhouse needs.

Examples of past courses

Student feedback on Travel Writing and Photography:

"Good content; very good practical advice; engaging tutor; course interesting, kept my attention through both days; a most enjoyable & interesting course."

"Loved the course! Great discussion and content. Particularly liked the photography part - great tips provided and discussion/analysis of own photos."

Student feedback on Finding the Plot:

"Extremely helpful - the small group meant great interaction and discussion. Alicia was very knowledgeable, generous, creative."

"Great! It's the first writing course for me and contained very useful information, great feedback from the group and immensely erudite facilitation by Alicia."