Keep a diary and one day it’ll keep you

—Mae West
Mar 2021

Having received my contract of offer for Something Else, I renewed my membership with The Australian Society of Authors and asked if they would assist me with a legal review. They have done a thorough review and raised some interesting points which I will see if can get addressed. A great resource for Australian writers - also very helpful for pointing out any potential differences between Australian and US publishing matters.

Jan 2021

Wow, I'm one step closer to my dream of getting published.Today I received an email from NineStar Press saying they loved Something Else and they would be thrilled to publish it. I am quite beside myself.

And while authors (particularly emerging writers) are expected to do most of their own promotional work these days, there would have been a LOT more work for me self-publishing as an ebook. Having the support of a publisher behind you, however small, is such a...

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Oct 2020

And so more time has passed and I find myself having a well-earned rest in the middle of COVID. What a good opportunity to get back to this novel and do something with it, once and for all. The strategy I decided on was this: incorporate all the feedback from the assessment and start submitting to agents and publishers. If nothing comes of this, I will self-publish as an ebook. I have been very lucky in that some friends who were going away for a break allowed me to...

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Oct 2017

Earning money in a 'real' job really does get in the way of writing :-(

After having addressed more than half of the MS issues raised by the assessment, I lost my way with some of the tougher ones and then I started another contract of work...So, in order to try and fire up my enthusiasm again, I started putting some sample chapters (since removed) on to see what sort of interest there might be. I was pleasantly surprised. There were a few tedious...

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Jun 2015

I am feeling blessed. I have been very lucky to have Nicola O'Shea fit me into her very busy work schedule in order to assess my MS for Something Else. The assessment was completed in record time and I'm very pleased with the quality of the feedback.

In terms of the many writing courses I've done, ultimately, the most intensive learning I've had was once I applied by posterior to the seat. As a result, professional feedback on my own novel has been some of the best...

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Nov 2014

I've been in a break between contracts since early September and I've managed to put it to very good writing use. I have been very inspired reading Stephen Daisley's Traitor, recommended to me by Debra Adelaide during the final stages of my Masters. The writing itself is of such poetic beauty, I began to eke it out to a few pages each morning before commencing my own writing. While my story is nothing like Traitor, Stephen Daisley's writing has helped to dredge my own...

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Jul 2014

Have just enjoyed an extremely productive week of writing, thanks to Varuna. It was a privilege to have the use of Eleanor Dark's writing studio for the week and the work I did there would have taken three months' worth of Sundays, at least. Thanks to the amazing cookery skills of Sheila, I will have some physical memories to take away as well!

It will also be exciting to see what my fellow-residents for that week, Tamara Pearce, Michelle Law, Fleur Glenn and Lyn...

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