Hiroshima is the stepping off point for this island. It is most famous for its massive ‘floating’ torii gate seen on countless brochures for Japan. Spectacular at sunset and floodlit at night, it is a beautiful sight. People walk out to it at low tide and attempt to throw a stone up on to the top. If you can get it to stay up there, your wish will come true.

The other spectacular site is the shrine behind this, which also appears to float when the tide comes in. It has a Noh theatre stage, which must make for atmospheric viewing as the water fills in the gap between stage and audience. This would make up for the reputed dullness of Noh theatre, I'm sure.

Another feature of this island is that deer run free. This is nice if you're a tourist, but must be a pain if you're a local. This is the only place in Japan where I have been aware of rubbish spread around as the deer keep ravaging the bins. I witnessed one terrible incident where deer had discovered a parked bicycle. When I got there the bike was on its side and they had found a guidebook from which they were systematically going through its pages, ripping them out while they held it down with their hooves, and eating them. Talk about devouring literature...It is the job of the police to ensure the deer are okay. They are placed in a sick compound if they are unwell (usually from eating too much rubbish) and tended to if they are getting a bit dangerous with their antlers.