The streets are so wide in Bulawayo, crossing them seems to take place in slow motion. Such a broad flat sprawling place, profuse with bakeries and hardware stores, reminiscent of any number of Australian country towns.

The startling thing, though, is the ease of getting around. No one hassles you. You are allowed to get on with your own personal business in your own personal space.

Even at 7.30am this morning people are already busy, even though it's Saturday. After crossing many a boulevard, I find myself in the Central Park area. I could easily imagine myself in Sydney's Botanical Gardens. Just like every other nice park in the world people are out in their finery, posing for wedding photographs.

At least five black bridesmaids are giggling and cavorting like frilly magenta orchids in the breeze. Another photo taken and one of the groomsmen takes a break by doing a cartwheel onto the grass.

As the geyser of the central fountain alternates between off and on, creating a Victorian Falls atmosphere in miniature, I creep closer, thinking I might get a casual picture of the little boys mucking around together in their long formal morning coats. On seeing my camera, they scamper away like so many vervet monkeys. As I sit down preparing to enjoy the sunshine, a new party in scarlet arrived.