Alicia started life in a little village called Wollombi, two hours drive north of Sydney. Her twenties were spent travelling the world, working in London, and leading adventure tours in the Middle East and China with Imaginative Traveller. She finally returned to Australia in 1998 and started a business providing bookkeeping, book editing and photographic services.

Worried she would die impoverished, she started consulting in 2000.

She has learnt to let go of her financial fears and is now formally pursuing her passion for literature and writing in a Masters in Creative Writing at the University of Technology, Sydney.
Alicia is currently working on a novel, Forests of the Night.
Another novel, Six Degrees, is being released as a blog on this website.
Alicia is currently reading:
Citizens by Simon Schama
Becoming Supernatural by Dr Joe Dispenza
The Diary of Virginia Woolf Volume I 1915-1919

Actress by Anne Enright